21 – 20 Nov 2008

Levels of Embodiment

How is cognition anchored in the body, how could high-level intelligence evolve out of purely physical interactions with the environment? What exactly does it mean that intersubjectivity is grounded in intercorporality? What is the role of bodily self-consciousness in the evolution of the human mind? Two public lectures will explore these questions as part of the first of two meetings of the MIND Group in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Holk Cruse 
From First-order Embodiment to Second-order Embodiment: A Simulation Approach

Prof. Dr. Rick Grush 
How the Brain Represents Space and Time

The MIND Group – initiated and coordinated by Thomas Metzinger – is a group of young philosophers and scientists with a strong interest in questions concerning the mind, consciousness and cognition. One major purpose of the group is to help bridge the gap between the sciences and the humanities.


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Holk Cruse
Rick Grush

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MIND Group
Supported by Barbara-Wengeler-Stiftung (München); Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study; Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin; ICI Berlin

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