23 Jan 2010

From Antropofagia Cultural to Postmodern Neobaroque

By Demian Schopf
Talks by the artist Demian Schopf and by the curators of the exhibition, Elena Agudio and Paz Guevara on ‘European Father and Indigenos Mothers – The Postmodern Neobaroque in Latin American Culture’

Followed by the opening of the exhibition at 20:00

Demian Schopf’s The Silent Revolution is a photographic series of enactments of baroque paintings of angels and archangels from the Latin-American colonial period, an interesting hybrid coming out from the encounter/clash between European and Indigenous visual cultures.


ICI Berlin
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Demian Schopf
Elena Agudio
Paz Guevara

Organized by

ICI Berlin
In cooperation with SUR Station and Galleria del Tasso, Bergamo

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