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30 Sep 2010


By Christoph Holzhey

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'The Dangers' and 'Exit' / Siouxzi L. Mernagh

’The Dangers’ is a subconscious narrative film based on a nightmare. 
It refers to inner tensions of personal, particularly female, identity and the external manifestation of these tensions in the forms of sexual expression and propensity to violence. The film is fascinated by manifestations of intensity, suspense, excess and jouissance and the spiralling relations between them: A mysterious hotel. Two inexplicable doppelgängers. A woman in need of danger. There are many things lurking in corners. Alice takes Hugo to a party in the penthouse suite. But they are already there. They have, unknowingly, been visitors before here and in places like this. There is a lot of blood – and whisperings beyond them.

‘Exit’ is a photographic/video installation piece shot in Brewarrina, remote NSW, Australia. The story follows the classic narrative of a road trip and aesthetically celebrates the Australian landscape, however reach beyond the narrative to explore tensions of time, space and the explorations of the sexual tension between two female hitchhikers. ‘Exit’ consists of three interweaving cyclical stories that were shot as a series of stills. The stills will be exhibited as continuous looping slide projections, supplemented by looped motion video footage of various highway landscapes and an intimate underwater scene.

Followed by a discussion with two of the filmmakers (Siouxzi L. Mernagh & Chris Erlbeck) led by two of the most innovative Australian video artists Soda_Jerk.

Soda_Jerk (Dan & Dominique Angeloro) are Australian video artists who work exclusively with audiovisual samples to create new narratives. At the core of their collaborative practice is an investigation into the intersection of recorded culture with conceptions of history and experiences of time. They are currently on a 12-month studio residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, where they will exhibit their new 4-channel video installation ‘Astro Black: A History of Hip-Hop’ in March 2011. Drawing on the cultural theory of Afrofuturism this work approaches social history through the framework of science fiction. They are also presently working on ‘The Dark Matter Cycle’, a series of video works that speculatively examine the relation between death, recorded media and the passage of time.

Siouxzi L. Mernagh is an award-winning freelance writer and filmmaker creating work in Berlin, London and Sydney and a former fellow of the ICI Berlin. She has written, directed, produced and designed seven short films and has written and edited scripts for feature films. She has recently completed her first novel, White Tales, for which several extracts are soon to be published within the ICI’s publication ‘Tension/ Spannung. Siouxzi is also currently publishing numerous reviews, editorials, and essays with a particular focus on avant-garde, underground and female-focused cinema. Siouxzi is currently developing ‘Wanderlight’, a fiction/documentary fusion feature film set in Eastern Europe.


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