27 – 11 Oct 2012

Co-Evolution & Complementarity

Encounters between Transmedia and Multispecies Storytelling
The multimodal exhibition, Co-Evolution & Complementarity, investigates creative approaches to multispecies ethnography, presenting a series of diverse mediations that attempt to affectively translate both the reciprocities and conflicts that emerge from encounters between species. The works exhibited develop aesthetic methodologies and constellations that translate post humanist affect across distinct media platforms.

The Films

Art Farm Revisited (2012, 24 min) uncovers behind the scenes footage filmed at Art Farm, a biological art project by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, where pigs were tattooed in a farming village on the outskirts of Beijing, China. Concentrating on the relationships built amongst pigs and workers this film raises important questions about multispecies ethics and the consequences of treating pigs as commodities in the contemporary art market.

Kiltr@ (2012, 25 min) is an emotive journey in search of alternate kinship approaches between people and street dogs. Through a series of interviews with artists, cultural institutions, and their companion species, as well as primary footage of dogs who live beyond the borders of domestic life in Santiago de Chile, we explore the co-evolutionary relationships between kiltr@s and “humans”, looking for clues about how they help each other to survive.

Art Farm Revisited & Kiltr@ were directed by former ICI Fellow Lissette Olivares, who is a currently visiting research fellow at NYU Berlin, in collaboration with Cheto Castellano and Roberto Meza, who are part of Sin Kabeza Productions, an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the production and dissemination of experimental transmedia.Sin Kabeza Productions is a collective of artist and activist researchers dedicated to the creation and dissemination of experimental transmedia. Their current research is inspired by post humanistic approaches to species intra-action, with an emphasis on feminist and postcolonial epistemologies. Sin Kabeza Collective includes former ICI Fellow Lissette Olivares, who is currently a visiting research fellow at NYU Berlin, and Luk Kahlo, as well as Cheto Castellano, Roberto Meza, and Coco Rico.The two short films, Art Farm Revisited and Kiltr@, will be screened at 7.30 pm, the exhibition will open at 8.30 pm in the ICI Library and will run from 27 September – 11 October 2012.

Opening Hours:
Monday and Thursday: 11 – 16.
Tuesday and Wednesday: 11 – 18.
Friday: by appointment


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Lissette Olivares
Luk Kahlo
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