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1 – 12 Dec 2013

Theatre Workshop with Filomena Campus

Certi Pomeriggi non passano mai. Part I.
The laboratory focuses on theatre techniques inspired by international theatre practitioners such as Eugenio Barba and Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret, Holstebro), Dario Fo, Franca Rame, Marcello Magni (Complicite, UK), Marco Paolini, Paolo Rossi, Augusto Boal (Brazil), Pina Bausch, Marina Abramovic, La Ribot, DV8.

PART 1 Levels of Tension

In the first sessions the theme of ‘tension’ will be explored through specific theatrical techniques and applied to parts of the text Certi Pomeriggi non passano mai (Some afternoons never seem to end, Nottetempo 2009) by the Italian writer Mario Fortunato.

At the end of the five sessions (first phase) of the workshop, some of the participants will be selected to participate to the open rehearsal of Certi Pomeriggi non passano mai.

On 12 December the workshop participants will present their  personal adaptation/interpretation of a part of the text (max 5 minutes) as well as another performance of their choice (max 3 minutes) that allows them to express their skills and talent. They can use theatre/performance art/music/physical theatre/dance/spoken word/digital and visual art. They can work alone or in groups of max 3 people.

1, 8, 10, and 11 December:  Levels of Tension Workshop (part1)
12 December:  Scene Presentation / Audition (internal)

PART 2 Certain afternoons

Devising and Improvisation work on the script + Rehearsals with the direction of Filomena Campus
13, 14, and 15 January: Devising and rehearsals
16 January,  4pm: Dress rehearsal

16 January, 19:30: Certi Pomeriggi non passano mai:  Open rehearsal/presentation + meeting with the author Mario Fortunato

THE TEXT: Certi Pomeriggi non passano mai by Mario Fortunato

A short and engaging gay theatre monologue that analyzes the tension created by waiting for a beloved who is late for an appointment. The wait stretches for hours and creates controversial emotions and anxiety ironically described by the author, with hilarious moments that go from drama to comedy to the surreal, in a sort of ‘one man’ Waiting for Godot.


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