16 Jan 2014

Certi pomeriggi non passano mai

Some Afternoons Never Seem to End
Certi pomeriggi non passano mai by Mario Fortunato is a short and engaging theatre monologue that analyzes the tension created by waiting for a beloved who is late for an appointment. The wait stretches for hours and creates controversial emotions and anxiety ironically described by the author, with hilarious moments that go from drama to comedy to the surreal, in a sort of ‘one man’ Waiting for Godot. The text was freely adapted and performed in Italian, with some parts in German and English.

Theatralia is an international collective of performers and artists who explore texts through physical theatre, live art & music, inventive digital art, and audience participation that was founded by Filomena Campus in 2003. Since 2006 Theatralia’s productions have been sponsored by the Arts Council England. Their much acclaimed production Misterioso. A Journey into the Silence of Thelonious Monk, written by Stefano Benni, was presented at London Riverside Studios and at the Edinburgh Festival.

Filomena Campus is a theatre director and a Jazz musician. Productions include Not in My Name inspired by The Living Theatre and U238 by Marco Paolini. Filomena has also worked as university lecturer in London. For more details see:

Mario Fortunato is an author, literary critic, and the former Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London. His publications include: Luoghi naturali, L’arte di perdere peso, I giorni innocenti della Guerra, Allegra Street, Il viaggio a Paros, and L’Italia degli altri. He regularly writes for the Italian news magazine L’Espresso.


ICI Berlin
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Filomena Campus
Mario Fortunato
A Theatralia performance, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin and the ICI Berlin

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