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4 Jul 2018

Future Un/known

Cripping In/dependence
By Birkan Tas
Panel I: Asynchronic Encounters

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Part of the Workshop

It’s About Time / Taraneh Fazeli, Fabian Goppelsröder, Vivian Liska

Time stops. Time moves. Time ruins. Time heals. Time runs forwards, runs out, runs away. Time shapes space, makes history, de/forms subjects. Time fills up and empties out.

This workshop — an event showcasing work by the current cohort of ICI fellows, who have worked collectively on the ICI core project ‘ERRANS, in Time’ over the past two years — will explore and explode questions of time and temporality.

Working across, between, and against disciplines and engaging with a diverse array of objects encompassing film, literature, psychology, philosophy, visual art, and critical theory, the speakers will address questions related to temporal errancy in conversation with invited discussants.

Aiming at bringing to a halt understandings of time as merely developmentalist, linear, and/or progressive, the event will investigate different forms and aesthetics of temporal errancies and their political implications.Programme

10:30-13:15 Panel I: Asynchronic Encounters

Birkan Taş:
Future Un/known: Cripping In/dependence’

Clio Nicastro:
With and Despite Others: On Empathic Encounters

11:45 Coffee break

Hannah Proctor:
Scars Behind: On Revolutionary Politics and Healing

Yv Nay:
Shadows of Time and The Yet to Come: Political Imaginaries of Human Rights

Respondent: Taraneh Fazeli

13:15 Lunch break

14:30-15:45 Panel II: A Shared Present

Cristina Baldacci:
Gesture Is so Contemporary, Contemporary, Contemporary (on Philippe Parreno)

Francesco Giusti:
Suspended Gestures: Lyric Time and the Transhistorical

Respondent: Fabian Goppelsröder

15:45 Coffee break

16:00-18:45 Panel III: Counter-Times

Tom Vandeputte:
Standstill: Time and Political Affect in Benjamin

Christiane Frey:
On Interim Politics – between Hobbes and Arendt

17:15 Coffee break

Julie Gaillard:
Emancipation, you said? Un/ending autonomy (on Lyotard)

Daniel Reeve:
Banal Conversion: Universality and Difference in the Late Middle Ages

Respondent: Vivian Liska


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Taraneh Fazeli
Fabian Goppelsröder
Vivian Liska

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