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28 Jun 2018


By Christoph Holzhey

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Still Not Over It / Jordan Arseneault, Bobby Benedicto, Wayne Yung

Still Not Over It is an extensive programme of 12 queer Canadian documentary, experimental, performance, and fiction short films spanning 55 years of moving image art. Variously addressing memory, social history, and future potentialities, these shorts employ strategies of anachronism, queered retellings, hope, reminiscence, and ressentiment to elicit questions on queer temporality: what is our past with/out our overcomings? Who were we and how have our desires changed, and not changed, over time? Culled from the online catalogue MEDIAQUEER.CA – a research tool for LGBT moving image art in Canada and Québec – this selection shows us bygone eras and timeless aspirations from rural midcentury desire to 70s experimentalism, 80s essays, 90s elegies, and millennial flux.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Bobby Benedicto (McGill University) with artist Wayne Yung and co-curator Jordan Arseneault.Screening schedule:

Wayne Yung
Schwanzfilm (2011, 5’38’’)

Wayne Yung
Search Engine (1999, 4’)

Étienne Ganjohian
Bed, Bugs, Babies (2016, 7’)

Mike Hoolboom
Frank’s Cock (1993, 8’)

Stanley Jackson
Cornet at Night (1963, 14’)

Vincent Chevalier
So When Did You Figure out You had AIDS? (2010, 5’)

Clark Nikolai
Galactic Docking Company (2009, 3’)

Wrik Mead
Gravity (1987, 3’)

Thirza Cuthand
Untouchable (1998, 4’)

Paul Wong
60 Unit Bruise (1976, 4’)

Jeanne Crépeau
L’Usure (1986, 8’)

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Aleesa Cohene
The Same Problem (2009, 5’)


ICI Berlin
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Jordan Arseneault
Bobby Benedicto
Wayne Yung

Organized by

Jordan Arseneault
Bobby Benedicto
This programme is presented by the Queer Media Database Canada-Québec in cooperation with the ICI Berlin and with the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.