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29 Apr 2021


By Gal Kirn


ICI Berlin

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(95 min, Marta Popivoda 2021)
Serbia / France / Germany,

How can a landscape speak?
It’s like wondering whether the grass, the crickets,
or the pond are only a backdrop to the events,
or whether they actually participate in them,
with their shadows, depths, sounds,
waiting to become narrators?

A. Vujanović

Landscapes of Resistance, a film by Marta Popivoda, traces a journey through the memories of antifascist fighter Sonja (97), one of the first Partisan women in Yugoslavia, who was also among the leaders of the Resistance movement at Auschwitz. As Sonja speaks, we travel through the landscapes of her revolutionary youth as they exist in the present time – the Serbian forests and mountains where the partisans gathered and the muddy grounds and countless chimneys of Auschwitz – towards her tiny Belgrade flat where she lives with her husband and cat. Since Sonja is a great storyteller, capable of telling about past events without hindsight, she takes us directly into that peculiar atmosphere and mindset, which gave birth to antifascist resistance. We make her story travel through time towards the bodies of the new generation of antifascists, bespeaking that it is always possible to think and practice resistance.

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Marta Popivoda
Ana Vujanović

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Gal Kirn
Claudia Peppel